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Abades is a small village of white houses that look all alike, which lies between the desert and the ocean. It has a sandy beach, in front of which there are a few bars and restaurants, a fruit shop, a mini market and a diving center.


You can walk along the seaside and reach more small beaches, wild and solitary, hidden between cliffs. There are easy paths that can be done walking or in a jeep to visit the old leper colony town, an interesting site where you can take nice pictures at the old unfinished buildings, and most of all at the majestic church. In fact, today, the leper town, also called "ghost town", is a favourite set for hobbyst or professional photographers.


Sitting behind the village of Abades, you can see a mountain chain; the road to Mount Teide is easy to take and you'll be up there in no time! Mount Teide is actually a volcano and its landscape is a natural protected area that offers unique views, among which the incredible "sea of clouds". All around the village, all you see is the ocean and the rocky desert dotted with colourful desert plants, where lie the many wind farm white blades, gently turning non-stop.


Unlike any other place in Tenerife, here you won't find neither hotels nor bad looking built-up areas, fruit of the building speculation of the past years. This is a unique place where silence rules. If you reach a vantage point, all you can see is a lighthouse near the sea (el faro de Punta de Abona), the typical plants of Cardon and Tabaiba, the blue sky and probably a small hawk fluttering about in search of preys, the Cernicalo.


If you love windsurfing, kytesurfing etc., only 15 minutes away from Abades there is the beach town of El Medano, with its large windy shore, where you'll find surf centers that offer surf classes at all levels. In the town of Arico, only five minutes from Abades, you'll find a rock climbing center. In the area it's also practiced parapente and the clean paths in the desert all around Abades are perfect for jogging, mountain byke, motocross, quad... you can be sure that this is the sporty person's paradise!


Only 20 minutes southward, you can reach the famous beach towns of Los Cristianos and Las Americas, the heart of the mass-tourism of Tenerife, where you can find all kinds of restaurants, discos, pubs, fun parks, zoos and so on. 30 kilometers north you'll reach the Capital City of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, a modern city that's worth visiting.




The sandy beach, never too crowded, and the blue ocean where you can swim, relax, snorkel or dive all the year, in our calm bay (marine reserve since 2011) 












Mount La Centinela.











Abades, a calm expanse of white houses, which lies between the desert and the sea

The incredible colours of the different types of rocks and gravels, among which the reddish ones originate from the volcano.


Definitely the best place for anyone who's looking for peace and relaxation!









Minimarket, bars, restaurants, and the diving center. Above all, the majestic church, unfinished like all the other buildings in the ancient leper colony town, also called "the ghost town".











The free sporting center (tennis, basketball and soccer




  How to reach us:


From the airport south -Reina Sofia (distance 19 km).

A) BY CAR: take the highway south (TF -1) direction Santa Cruz then take the exit n.42, TF 629 “Villa de Arico / Abades”, keep going following signs for Abades. When you get to Abades,

B) BY BUS: take the bus n. 111 direction Santa Cruz and ask the driver for the bus stop “Abades/Villa de Arico.”.

From the airport north -Los Rodeos (distance 50 km more or less).

A) BY CAR: take the highway north (TF -5) direction “La Laguna / Santa Cruz” and take the exit 7A direction “Santa Maria del Mar / Aeropuerto Sur”; at the fork stay on the right lane, follow the indications to TF-1 direction “Candelaria / Aeropuerto Sur / Los Cristianos”. Take the highway, autopista sur (TF -1) and continue straight on, then take the exit n.42 for the TF 629 “ Villa de Arico / Abades”

B) BY BUS: take the bus n. 014 or 906 from the airport north to the central bus station (called “intercambiador”) in Santa Cruz; get on the bus n. 115 directed to “Las Galletas (Costa del silencio)” and ask the driver for the bus stop “Abades/Villa de Arico."

PLEASE NOTE that the bus stop is on the haighway, and to reach us you need to walk for 700 mts. The owners are available to pick up the guests by car, provided you call in advance.


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